Specialized nursing

We offer specialized nursing for the nursing needs of our patients. Nurses play an important role in the care process but there are various specific branches that require additional knowledge and skills. We offer a professional and specialized nursing staff who have experience and training working with a variety of disabilities and medical issues. Specialized nursing care enhances the outcomes of treatment and ensures that the nursing needs of every patient are met exactly.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy is a service meant to help children with speech difficulties. Its goal is to help the child better express themselves and understand others. It includes verbal and non-verbal types of language. Speech therapy can be helpful in a variety of cases, including learning disabilities or neurodevelopmental disorders. Speech therapists do two things, primarily. They work with the child to help them articulate sounds, form words and sentences, and express themselves. They also help the child understand language in a variety of expressions, including written or spoken. Many children with medical needs and disabilities can benefit from speech therapy, sometimes, even if they have good articulation. For instance, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are likely to have difficulties understanding some forms of language and can benefit from speech therapy as a result.

Physical occupational therapy

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are two important services that we offer. Physical therapy is focused on improving the movements of the human body. Many children with disabilities struggle with some type of movement or need support managing this aspect. Physical therapy is necessary after many injuries, surgical procedures, and in other situations. This service is also concerned with managing pain due to injury or illness. PT is essential for improving quality of life and enhancing overall well-being.

Occupational therapy is similar to physical therapy because it works with the body but it has a different focus. OT is meant to help a person perform activities of daily living or ADLs. An ADL is an activity that is a part of everyday life, such as eating, cooking, bathing, using the bathroom, and so on. Occupational therapy can develop, maintain, and recover the skills associated with these tasks and support the autonomy of the child. Occupational therapists play an important role in developing potential and allowing the person to tend to their needs as much as they are able.

Pediatric nutritional services

In addition to other specialized services, we take care of the nutritional needs of our patients. We offer focused and developmentally-appropriate counseling and evaluation meant to address the particular requirements of each child in terms of nutritional value and preferences. Our objective is to help our patients thrive, and we recognize appropriate nutrition as an essential element of this process as a licensed PPEC center.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy is  a type of treatment and support services that help patients with chronic or acute dysfunctions in the cardiopulmonary system. It helps the patients breathe and also organizes a specific type of treatment depending on their requirements. The duties of a respiratory therapist include managing ventilators, artificial airways, administering medication, evaluating levels of oxygen and other characteristics of the lungs’ functioning, and providing rehabilitation activities for the patients. Respiratory therapists can help diagnose, manage, and treat conditions associated with the lungs and can significantly help people with these conditions maintain a better quality of life. We offer highly qualified specialized care in regards to respiratory therapy for individuals who need artificial devices, medication, and other specific forms of support through a highly specialized team.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important part for the treatment of a variety of conditions and is a key rehabilitation service. Physical therapy involves improving a body’s capacity to move after something has impaired or change this. It is used for a wide variety of conditions that can affect the motion of the individual. Injuries, illness, surgeries, and other events might change how a person can move, and physical therapy is focused on recovering use of different muscles.  Physical therapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation process for many patients who face impairments to various abilities associated with movement.