Our Mission

We strive to promote the well-being of our patients above all with respect for their autonomy and their potential. We want to support them with the services that they require, so that they can achieve what they want to achieve. We have a mission of service, support, and professional care. Our staff is fully trained and prepared to work with the children, engaging them emotionally, psychologically, and medically. Our center engages each child on their developmental level, offering appropriate and evidence-based activities.

  • Enhance the well-being of children with medical conditions and disabilities by providing a comprehensive service that considers their needs
  • Help each child grow up to be who they can be and promote the development of their potential through time-sensitive and relevant support
  • Fulfill the different medical, educational, therapeutic, psychological, and developmental needs of the children in our care by providing a type of care that considers the child’s well-being
  • Support the autonomy of the children and respect their independence in the process of providing care
  • Support the caregivers of our patients by providing specialized and focused services that are meant to help the child