Who are we?

We are a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Center that provides care and support for children with disabilities and special needs. We offer a variety of services meant to help children develop their independence and receive the care and support they need beyond an inpatient context.

What we do?

We offer a variety of care services, focusing on medical care, that considers the needs of children with disabilities or medical conditions who require special support. We provide different types of activities that include clinical support, a variety of therapy services, educational support, and others.

Why choose our center?

We consider the child’s needs from a variety of perspectives. We don’t focus on a single aspect but rather try to provide holistic care and support that takes into account the child’s educational, emotional, psychological, developmental, social, physical, and other needs. Our center can fulfill nursing needs. We offer professional care and have the necessary licenses and certifications to ensure a high quality support.

Our focus is always on the children we work with, and on providing everything that they need to develop in a balanced way. We recognize the importance of different factors and strive to offer a comprehensive system of support that covers the basic needs of the children.

Our care is guided by evidence and sustained by values that put the children front and center. We are well-prepared for dealing with complex conditions and support the development of each child. We believe in the potential of our patients and want to make sure that every one of them receives the necessary help to achieve it.

We provide comprehensive pediatric care and have an expert team of professionals. We provide the necessary services for children eligible for PPEC who have disabilities, complex medical conditions, or require specialized nursing, therapeutic, or medical care in a non-residential setting.

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